Hear a song you really enjoyed at one of our shows? Want to know what language those lyrics were in? Trying to settle a bet regarding the century a certain piece was composed? Look no further!

Au Renouvel: Medieval
The Butterfly: Traditional Irish Slipjig
Hesperus: Original for Bouzouki in 4/4 and 7/8
Horses' Bransle: Dance
The Mermaid: Sea Shanty
Montarde Bransle: Renaissance Dance
Musical Priest: Traditional Irish
Polskas Svenska: Instrumental Polskas from Sweden
Randy Dandy O: Sea Shanty
Scottish Bransle: Dance
Silibrand: Swedish
Tempus Est Iocundum: Latin
Twa Corbies: Irish
Ulv, Raev, Hare: Danish
Vana: Original on Hurdy Gurdy, Bouzouki and Drums
What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor: Sea Shanty

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